ES Forklifts is proud to offer

The following services


We are specialists in repairing large trucks up to 42 ton.

We will ask you what truck is it. What is the fault being reported. We can come out to you as soon as possible and tell you what we have diagnosed the fault to be and repair it for you. All repairs will be done by trained professionals. We will order the parts needed to fix the repair. Everything will be discussed with the customer before repairs are made. Only then invoices will be sent out when the repair is finished. 

All quotes available for repairs.

If you would like to query a repair with us please call or email.


Truck Inspections

We are available for inspections for any large trucks up to 42 ton.

We will come out to you with customised checklists to inspect your model of truck. As each item on the checklist is ticked off, the person doing the inspection is verifying that each component of the equipment is in correct working order. For a small truck this can usually take 2.5 hours any large truck will take alot longer to complete. The checklist and any faults reported will be discussed with the customer.  

Prices can be very between what size truck you have. Starting from £150.00

Quotes are available to you.

Any queries please call or email to discuss further.

Preventative maintenance services

We are specialists in large trucks up to 42 ton.

We can carry out services (abc) to any model of truck up to 42 ton. as part of a service we will carry out an inspection, a copy of the report will be provided to the customer and can be quoted for any repairs required.

Prices are veried depending on what type of truck. 

Please request a quote for the service you require.

Loler Examinations

A LOLER examination is a thorough examination of lifting equipment by a qualified person, as defined by the health and safety executive. It is a law for a lift to operate with a loler certificate.

The inspector will conduct a visual examination and check the basic function of the machine using a checklist. They will also check for wear and tear and everything will be reported back to the customer for future action.

You will recieve a written and signed report otherwise known as a LOLER certificate.

Prices of a LOLER examination depends on the size of the truck. Starting from £125.00.

Any queries or quotes on this please call or email us.